BIOLOGY IS PART of the core curriculum and is taught as a separate subject from 年9 onwards. It is a popular subject and we typically have in the region of 100 students studying 生物学 across Y12 and Y13 each year. 这些学生中的许多人在大学里继续学习生物相关课程, 最受欢迎的是医学和牙科.

作为一个部门,十博最佳体育平台对所做的事情充满热情. We believe everyone has an interest in living organisms and the natural world around them, whether it be a fascination with how the human body works or a desire to know the true impact of man's activities on the biodiversity of our planet. 十博最佳体育平台的目标是通过十博最佳体育平台的教学分享这种激情, enthusing and engaging students about the complexity and variety of life and the importance of interdependence.

十博最佳体育平台试图把他们的学习放在背景中, 与相关话题建立联系,树立信心, 这样所有的学生都能发挥他们的潜力. It matters to us that we equip our students with the ability to make their own informed decisions and judgements, 关于未来会影响他们的科学问题.

Practical work is an important part of students learning and we actively seek opportunities to extend the student experience beyond simply, 规范的核心实践工作. 十博最佳体育平台的期望很高,十博最佳体育平台拥抱创造力和创新.




  • 医学协会每周举行一次.
  • KS4 & KS5支持会议全年举行.
  • 昆虫学俱乐部在夏季学期每周举办一次.
  • 杂志俱乐部.


  • Y9 & 10名学生参加了生物挑战赛
  • 十二年级学生参加中级生物奥林匹克竞赛
  • Y12 & 13名学生参加生物奥林匹克竞赛


让有抱负的医生了解当前的医疗环境, 适应变化的时代,建立适合未来博士的形象.

The school 医疗社会 meets weekly throughout the year and is open to students from Y11 to Y13. Attendance is compulsory for Y13 students applying for medicine/ dentistry and we encourage Y12 students to attend who are considering these degree courses, 或者对医学和保健相关问题有浓厚兴趣的人. The society is predominantly student-led and the Chair and senior members of the society take a leading role in planning and coordinating content for meetings.

活动包括:专题辩论, 学生演讲, 书评, 采访实践, UKCAT/ BMAT练习, 来自外部演讲者和以前的学生的演讲. Interview practice includes both a mock panel interview and MMI experience for students.

每年11年级春季学期都会举办医学资讯活动 & 12名学生和他们的家长, to provide more information about the application process and what the life of a medical student/ doctor entails.

Medicine is a popular choice and typically between 12-18 students go on to study medicine at university each year.

Medicine University Preparation Programme (summer term) – our three day programme in the summer term of 2021 included:

  • A workshop delivered by a MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow and Specialist Registrar in Medical Oncology from the Institute of Cancer Research
  • 艾哈迈德博士的演讲, Academic Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry with King's College London and Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for Mental Health Research in Association with Cambridge University
  • 一段名为 痘 & 瘟疫,水蛭 & 有江湖 guided by a London Public Health Physician; and a visit to the Old Operating Museum and Herb Garret



  • committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment
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