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When the Battle of the Bands event was first announced at the end of last school year, I was eager as a keen guitarist to get involved. Once our band was formed, we had to pick a song that we could all learn quickly and that people could enjoy with us. We eventually decided on ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ by Coldplay, which proved to be a good choice!

Once we had signed up we were given our audition time, yet desperately needed to get in a practice together beforehand. Thankfully, we managed to fit this in on the Saturday before our audition. The audition went well, with a couple of minor errors from all of us, but we were hopeful that we would get through. We were advised to get a synth player by Mr Kramer, rather than using a backing track as we had previously tried, which resulted in Minhyuk joining our band. We were able to get in a second practice (Minhyuk’s first), before the final, but it was touch and go! We were nervous on the day, and the knowledge that we were to go on last added some extra pressure.

Thomas and Tarun and their winning band

Once we got on stage, however, everything we had practised glued together pretty much perfectly, with us giving our best rendition of the song on the night!

It truly delighted us all when the audience joined in with the call and response part at the end and I realised that regardless of whether we won or not, keeping the band together is going to be really important as it was one of the most rewarding things I had done in quite some time. Thankfully, however, our performance was enough for us to win the coveted Battle of the Bands prize, and we now have a session in the new recording studio in the Britton Centre to look forward to!

If you love music, form a band - you won't regret it!

Thomas H and Tarun, “Litterature [sic] is Dead” – Year 11

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